About us

A widely experienced and highly qualified team of professionals, we build financial plans around what is most important to high net worth individuals and their families, managing their resources so they can fulfil their life aims.

Our advisers are qualified up to Chartered Financial Planner status - one of the highest industry qualifications.

Beyond the commonplace

Of course it's our aim to win the trust of our clients - but this often extends far beyond financial matters alone for we do not believe that your life and your finances are somehow separate, discrete entities. That's why our directors, Peter Dunn and Suzanne Allen are both Kinder Registered Life Planners, trained to help clients consider where the true value in their life lies, and help them develop financial plans that match.

And we know circumstances change, that events can be unpredictable, uncontrollable and sometimes even uncomfortable. It's our ability to respond that gives you the edge, whether those events are in your own life, in the wider financial world, or the world in general.

Doggedly independent

We are independent. Our commitment to a fee-based service means we can preserve our even-handedness and continue to offer the balanced, unbiased advice that made our name. And though that means we have to work a little harder - because maintaining an awareness of the full breadth of options available takes a little longer – it means you can be confident that our advice is always the most appropriate advice.

We regularly review our professional partnerships too; particular with our wealth managers, to ensure their performance, pricing and overall management of our clients' money meets our own very high standards.

One size does not fit all

Nor ever has it. Our services are individually tailored to each client's need - our guarantee of an efficient and personal service. This is why our business grows today as it has always done, through personal recommendation and advertising that only a job well done can buy.

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